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OUR MISSION is to create print products that are relevant to a new generation of customers by adding sound and video to print. RICH MEDIA, EMBEDDED WITHIN PRINT IS a powerful and novel WAY TO BETTER ENGAGE WITH YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS AND win over HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER PROSPECTS. PRINT PLUS  CAMPAIGNS aRE IDEAL for sales and marketing PRESENTATIONS, training, corporate communications, TRADE SHOWS, PRESS RELEASES, SPECIAL EVENTS and more. Printflix has been CREATING print PRODUCTS with integrated media players for nearly a decade and our experience has LED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF MANY INDUSTRY FIRSTS. Our LATEST, third generation media players are INCREDIBLY thin and lightweight and can be seamlessly added into practically any print format. THE BEST NEWS IS THAT WE PRODUCE OUR PRODUCTS RIGHT HERE IN THE USA AND CAN DELIVER FINISHED GOODS IN DAYS, NOT WEEKS at the very best prices.  



Have you ever received an offer in the mail with your name inserted within the written copy. Printers call this technique, variable data printing and when the first campaigns were deployed, customers responded with enthusiasm. But now variable data printing is "old school" and has become more of a gimmick than a tool for targeting customers. Print Plus is the ultimate platform for personalizing messages to prospects. Now you can immerse each and every person on your A-List in sound, video and print  for the most engaging presentation  possible today. 

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Even in the digital age, print continues to offer one of the most effective ways to communicate your brand's message. Print commands attention and forces customers to focus on you and your products. Absolutely no multi-tasking allowed because print lives outside of cyberspace.

Print Plus Video from Printflix is a collection of premium print products that can be upgraded to include video messaging.

Print Plus, from one design comes three independent products that can extend the capabilities of your next marketing campaign.